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The Caroline County Drug Task Force is a multi-agency drug task force, based in Denton, Maryland, which functions under the direction and control of the drug task force advisory board. The drug task force is comprised of sworn law enforcement officers and contributions from the Caroline County Sheriff's Department, Maryland State Police, Maryland Natural Resources Police, Caroline County States Attorney's Office, Denton Police Department, Federalsburg Police Department, Ridgely Police Department, Greensboro Police Department, Preston Police Department, and the Maryland Army National Guard. The Caroline County Drug Task Force investigates individuals and organizations involved in drug trafficking, the seizure of assets acquired through drug trafficking, and the promotion and implementation of proactive coordinated drug enforcement efforts among various open air drug markets within the county. In addition to drugs, the Caroline County Drug Task Force acts as the central repository for all criminal intelligence concerning Caroline County.  

The Officers of the Caroline County Drug Task Force are continuously trained on current case law, police operations, and case preparation for successful prosecution. In addition Officers are highly trained in tactical entries and high-risk arrest situations, which have on numerous occasions needed to be called upon to ensure a successful outcome. The task force operates in an undercover capacity to acquire criminal intelligence on various organizations and further acquire investigative leads to assist allied law enforcement agencies in non-drug related incidents such as homicides, violent assaults, robberies, etc.

Although we recognize that total elimination of drug law violations and their satellite crimes of violence, theft, robbery and fraud are unlikely; it still remains our number one goal. Drug crimes are both a cause and an effect, which make them difficult to combat. While we ask our communities to be patient, persistent and dedicated to our goal, we strive as a unit to act swiftly and prudently in the face of public interest.

Caroline County is made up of 11 incorporated municipalities, making up the counties total population at approximately 30,000 people. 5 municipalities have police departments which patrol their perspective jurisdictional areas. Outside of the municipalities, calls for service are handled by the Caroline County Sheriff's Department and the Maryland State Police. The Caroline County Drug Task Force actively conducts CDS and intelligence investigations within the municipalities and throughout Caroline County.


Members of the Caroline County Drug Task Force are routinely assisted by uniform members of the Caroline County Sheriff's Department and other allied agencies within Caroline County when conducting investigations and criminal apprehensions. Without the cooperation from the uniform and criminal investigation divisions of those allied agencies, the task of combating drugs effectively would be increasingly harder to overcome. Uniform officers assist the Task Force in conducting felony vehicle stops, search and seizure warrants, buy/busts, street level intelligence, drug interdiction, K-9 scans, and other high risk situations.